Memorial Items:

If you have a request for a memorial item not mentioned on this page, please reach out to us for assistance. We may be able to custom-make an item especially for you, and if we are unable to fulfill your special request, we may be able to connect you with or recommend a company specializing in the one-of-a-kind memorial item you are searching for.


Segregated and Private Cremations include your choice of wooden urn, ocean scattering tube or rainbow scattering tube (pictured below). Our wooden urns are hand-crafted locally here in Idaho.


Segregated & Private:

Scatter Tubes Web.JPG

Each wooden urn comes complete with a name plate displaying your pet’s name and can include life dates, nicknames and/or corresponding animal prints if requested. We are also able to engrave an image of your pet or their paw print on the gold name plate. Prices vary by size, and we do our best to accommodate large breed paw prints - reaching out to you if a larger size may be needed.


Even though a communal cremation does not require a scatter tube or wooden urn, we are still able to provide an engraved photo of your pet or their paw print complete with name or dates if requested.

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Click here for more information on Mack’s Glass

Click here for more information on Mack’s Glass

We also highly recommend Mack’s Glass who use cremated ashes to make custom glass artwork so families can memorialize their loved ones and keep them close after saying goodbye. Visit them online at or click the pendant image for more information on Mack’s Glass and to view their portfolio.