We understand how heavy the loss of a beloved companion can weigh on a family, and we appreciate you trusting us with the opportunity to honor your final wishes so your faithful friend can be honored and remembered with the same love they throughout their lives.

For questions or inquiries please call (208)949-0601

Our Mission:

We provide compassionate, professional, full-service cremation services and remembrance items to ensure that once cherished pets will be honored in a respectful and meaningful manner. Through our services, we can assist in helping you pay tribute and celebrate the lives of your beloved pets.

When it comes time to say goodbye, there is no right or wrong say to memorialize a loyal companion. Cremation is the most common choice for pet owners with some owners wishing to have the ashes returned to them in the form of an urn, scatter tube or other personalized products. Others, however, choose to have the crematory spread the ashes for them, requesting no memorial items at all. Whether you choose to remember your pet through items or memories, we are here to assist you in honoring your faithful friend and fulfilling your final wishes for them.

Our Beginning:

Caddisfly, Inc. has been serving the Treasure Valley since 2013, providing a dignified farewell to loyal companions and beloved family pets.

We currently serve over a dozen local veterinary clinics, companies and organizations, and while most of our clients use our services through their veterinary clinic, we are available to help any pet owner when they need it most.

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We currently offer communal, segregated and private cremation options with all pricing based on each pet’s individual weight. For more information on pricing or to obtain a cremation estimate, please contact us through our online form.

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Families who choose a segregated or private cremation will receive their choice of a wooden urn, ocean scatter tube or rainbow scatter tube. All wooden urns come with a gold name plate which can be customized upon request.

A more detailed list of our memorial items can be found under our ‘Memorial Items’ tab. If there is an item you are interested in that is not on our list (clay or ink paw print, personalized engraving, etc.) please reach out via the online form, and we will be happy to accommodate your requests to the best of our abilities.


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